Teenagers today are facing more challenges than ever before. Yet they are also our future.

They will change the world. Right now, there are thousands of teenagers experiencing a highly complicated, technology-driven world without the tools they need to navigate through unscathed.

The average teenager now spends 9 hours online a day. In any given minute, over 16 million text messages are sent. The world has fundamentally changed.

We know that so many of our future leaders are feeling overwhelmed, unsure, disconnected, and held back by judgement. What will happen to the world if they aren’t able to overcome these isolating emotions?

The time to show your support is now, before youth challenges become adult mental health struggles.

The answer can be so simple; just the ability to pause.

Reach has been listening for 23 years. Just two hours of face-to-face interaction with Reach and our young facilitators can dramatically improve feelings of connection, hope and self-confidence. In a world going in so many different directions, 84% of participants in our youth- led workshops felt empowered to make more positive choices. In this day and age, this perspective is just so important for developing emotional intelligence.

Teenagers rarely feel comfortable asking adults for help, so I will ask on their behalf. Can you donate to help us provide the pause they so badly need?

When given the tools and support, young people will thrive in this fast-paced world. This is why we're not asking for much, but the gift of time. Just $43 will provide that time at Reach. Your donation will give young people the space they need to work on their past, present and future.  

• $43 directly pays for a teenager to attend a 90 minute school workshop
• $81 provides a rural student a place in a 90 minute school workshop
• $129 gives a teenager a place in a Heroes Day, a large-scale half day workshop
• $285 supports an Indigenous teenager to experience a unique workshop
Please donate what you can to provide this invaluable time for teenagers.
They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it is you, as a member of the Reach community, that are making that difference in the lives of so many. We thank you for playing such an important role.
This June, please help simplify the lives of teenagers; give them the time they need at such a crucial age.
We can press pause, and the results can be life-changing. 
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