Together, we can support young people

We need your help to support and develop the next generation of Australians to believe in themselves and get the most of out life. 

Young people need to be healthy and resilient to meet life's challenges.  A 2014 report from Mission Australia and the Black Dog Insitute found one in five young Australians are dealing with a serious mental illness and more than 60% feel uncomfortable seeking professional support.  This is where Reach comes in!

Reach's workshops are youth-led.  Designed and delivered by our young crew, our workshops are safe and supportive spaces where teenagers can share stories and experiences honestly, improve their self-awareness, and build deeper more meaningful connections.

Independent research has found that Reach can improve the wellbeing of young people by significantly enhancing their feelings of meaning and engagement (Vella-Brodrick, Rickard & Chin, 2013).

Early intervention and prevention is imperative if young people are to remain actively engaged in school and work through their challenges to live happy, healthy lives.  Please give now.

Together we can make a difference! 

Join us and Give Now

$25 a month - Helps prevent young people becoming a statistic.

$50 a month - Enables young people in schools and communities to experience a Reach workshop that they otherwise could not afford.

$75 a month - Trains and develops the next generation of inspiring young leaders.

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