Creating your own workplace fundraising event or activity will help Reach to encourage young people, no matter what their circumstances, to believe they can achieve.

There are heaps of creative and fun ways you can raise funds at work. It doesn't matter what idea you come up with - with some time and effort, your fundraiser will be a rewarding experience and valuable contribution to Reach

Creating an online fundraising page is one of the quickest and easiest ways for to fundraise for Reach.  To set up your online fundraising page simply:

  1. Click Start Fundraising
  2. Follow the steps to button to register and create your fundraising account.  It’s handy to have a photo ready to upload and a spiel about why you are fundraising for Reach.
  3. Once your page is complete, spread the word - email it, share it, tweet it, update it.

Registering your event or activity

If you plan to organise an event or activity to raise funds for Reach, you need to make sure your fundraiser is registered and authorised by Reach.  Please read our Fundraising Guidelines and Register your Event.

How we can help you

We love to hear about your ideas and can provide you with useful tips, advice and support for your fundraising event or activity.  Please check out the ‘How we can help’ in our Fundraising Guidelines or give us a call on 03 9412 0915.